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Wade's Corner of Cyberspace:

The old site was getting pretty dated, lot's of dead links and it was time for a make over. I'm setting up this new page as a spring board to the other websites that I'll be working on.

I'm pretty stoked about the plans that I have for the projects that I am working on! I have several websites that I want to get in place and functioning before the snow's stop flying.

I'm considering this place the 'Hub' for the rest of my web sites. I'll discuss my plans for each in a little bit of detail below.

The Professional Pages:

Imperial Asphalt: Imperial Asphalt Logo

This is my Main job. I manage the Sales for Imperial Asphalt, and here is where the bulk of my 'workin for a living' time is spent.

We are going into our 19th season, we are in the process of expanding to a new location right off of I-15 which is pretty exiting for every one involved. It is great helping to build the family business. I Really enjoy it.


Did You Win Today: Did you win today - logo

A site dedicated to helping people to succeed in life. Every Day every man and woman should know whether they have won or lost. Right at the start, this site will have a 'health' focus. Eventually there will be tools to help clarify a persons vision for life's path ahead.

Suggestions to help you clearly define the values that will help you achieve that vision, and then a break down of the long, medium and short term achievements that will allow you to succeed in achieving that vision. It will also suggest tracking methods that will assist in focusing your efforts in reaching your goals.



Level 20Online Training. Sharing knowledge through the miracle of the Internet. What an awesome thing.

The 'shared knowledge base' that the Internet possesses is an amazing thing. Level20 will help to organize some of that knowledge into easy to digest chunks. Technology will be reviewed and discussed here as well. In addition to videos and articles designed for further training, eventually quizzes to test knowledge comprehension will be a part of this training website.



e-OrganizationsDedicated to helping organizations form on-line communities. This web site will be a wealth of resources, Ideas, and training for anyone interested in building a community Online.

The site will direct Organization managers towards Training and tools that will help them better develop their on-line presence.


Zachary Wolf:

Zachary WolfA Sales and Marketing Website. Full of instructional skill building and Motivational information.

Not only will this site teach how to succeed in sales, but it will be a distribution hub for digital goods such as PDF's, Photographs, and possibly Services.

I really do enjoy taking part in the moving of goods and services. I love living in a place where there are so many opportunities, and in a time, where enjoying that aspect is profitable.


How To for Gamers:

How To for GamersHow to Training specifically targeted to the gaming audience. From Weight loss, to avoiding 'spouse agro', you'll find something that will make your gaming life more enjoyable.

If I get really ambitious, this may be a place to do some 'game tutorials' or play through videos. It's interesting to note, that in stead of being 'boring' it's some times pretty fun to watch some one else's 'game play' videos.


Gaming Web Sites:


SemerialA Gaming website that is geared towards pen and paper gaming. Also host for the setting Semerial, a Setting created specifically for pen and paper RPG games.

This is also the 'web space' used for organizing my own games - and perhaps in the future, it will be a place that others can host files for their own games. Or at least a place to gather and share the table top gaming experience.


Galactic Trade Guild:

Galactic Trade GuildThis website, is a general gaming website, that will have video Reviews, and discussion panels about the latest and greatest in the gaming world. It will also be where organized play between friends gets planned and executed.

I'd like to set up a calendar that helps groups get organized into players interested in playing the same game. I love Online games, and the connection that they bring. I have been able to stay in touch with and build relationships with friends and even family through Online gaming.




D7000This sits somewhere between 'professional' and 'personal'. I'll call myself an 'enthusiast'.


This site is dedicated to sharing my love for photography. Sharing some pictures. Perhaps even one day, if I can think of something creative to do with the pictures I have shot, I'll get a little shop going.

If that is successful for me, I'd like to explore perhaps selling the digital works (or services,) of others that enjoy photography as well.


The Life of Wade:

Wade's LifeThis is where I will keep track of my life history. The things going on in my life will be recorded here, via the written word, photographs and video, Audio records, and all sorts of things that will help me remember what it is that I'm doing with the time that I have been given in life.

Or in other words, 'here's my blog'. :-P

I'll probably keep easy links to my face book, you tube, and twitter information on this place.


So That's it! there is the 'hub' defined. I'll add more as I think of it - and I'll get some more of the content back over here from the old page. (ventrillo / mumble link - Flickr pics. etc.)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to have some method set up where we can communicate - a forum or some such thing - I'll probably set it up in the Galactic Trade Guild area.

Come visit again - I'll try to keep something fresh on the site on a regular basis.

Once I get it running - I'll post a you tube channel link here.